Horusec Kubernetes

Nesta seção, você vai encontrar mais informações sobre vulnerabilidades que o Horusec encontra em projetos Kubernetes.

O que é?

O Horusec-Kubernetes é uma ferramenta SAST criada pela equipe do Horusec para fazer a busca de vulnerabilidades em projetos que utilizam arquivos .yaml de Kubernetes.

Exemplos de vulnerabilidades

Allow Privilege Escalation

Privileged containers share namespaces with the host system, eschew cgroup restrictions, and do not offer any security. They should be used exclusively as a bundling and distribution mechanism for the code in the container, and not for isolation.

Host Aliases

Managing /etc/hosts aliases can prevent the container from modifying the file after a pod’s containers have already been started. DNS should be managed by the orchestrator.

Docker Sock

Mounting the docker.socket leaks information about other containers and can allow container breakout.

Capability System Admin

CAP_SYS_ADMIN is the most privileged capability and should always be avoided.

Privileged Container

Privileged containers can allow almost completely unrestricted host access.

Seccomp Unconfined

Unconfined Seccomp profiles have full system call access.

Host IPC

Sharing the host’s IPC namespace allows container processes to communicate with processes on the host.

Host PID

Sharing the host’s PID namespace allows visibility of processes on the host, potentially leaking information such as environment variables and configuration.

Host Network

Sharing the host’s network namespace permits processes in the pod to communicate with processes bound to the host’s loopback adapter.

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