How to enable and disable the messaging service?

In this section, you will find how to enable and/or disable Horusec’s messaging service.

What is the messaging service?

The messaging service ensures the sending and receipt of messages safely. Horusec uses RabbitMQ, as an easy option to implement locally or in cloud and that offers support to several message’s protocols. RabbitMQ can be implemented in distributed and federated configurations to attend into high-scaled and high-availability requirements.

Where is used?

This service inside Horusec has some functionalities in asynchronous mode, such as:

  • Sending email to confirm an account creation;
  • Sending email to reset a password;
  • Sending email to invite a user to your workspace;
  • Triggering through webhook with analysis made by Horusec-CLI with a HTTP destiny.

What services use this functionality?

The services used to realize the queues consume are:

And the services that receive actions when it is necessary in it respective queues are:

How to change?

When the microservices have the HORUSEC_DISABLED_BROKER environment variable with false value, automatically Horusec is enabled to send emails and other functionalities that use the messaging service.

By default, the microservices below already start with a false value:

If the HORUSEC_DISABLED_BROKER microservice value is true, the messaging service will be disabled. To enable it, it’s only necessary to change the value to false.

Last modified May 20, 2021: Fix version 1.0.0 with new links (a868f86)