How to run the web application in other host?

In this section, you will find a tutorial to run Horusec’s web application in a virtual machine.

On Horusec, you can make a quick test to understand how the application works and how to adjust it to your environment. It is possible to do it with a virtual machine ou changing the host. To do so, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Install the web application on your environment

If you haven’t installed yet, check out how to install.

Step 2: Check the uninitiated services

Some services are not initiated by default, for example Horusec-Messages and Horusec-Webhook.

After installation, you may notice that some services, by dault, are not initiated. It happens because the services, such as messaging, is configured to be disabled, in case you need to use it, just check out how to enable and disable the messaging service in this tutorial.

Step 3: Configure Horusec-Manager

If you change your machine’s host or install an application on it, it is necessary to reset Horusec-Manager, only then it will understand what is the applications' destiny that you hosted.

To do so:

  • Access the service;
  • Change the environment variables;
  • Restart the application;

Example using docker-compose

When you use the make install command, it runs the docker-compose.yaml Horusec’s default. The Horusec-Manager is being executed with the following configuration:

    image: horuszup/horusec-manager:latest
    restart: always
    container_name: horusec-manager
      - "8043:8080"

Then, you just export the variables related to the services where they are hosted and install Horusec again, for this kind of scenario:

export REACT_APP_HORUSEC_ENDPOINT_API="http:\/\/YOUR_HOST:8000" && \
make install

Last modified May 20, 2021: Fix version 1.0.0 with new links (a868f86)