Install with Docker Compose

In this section, you will find how to install Horusec web application in your environment using docker-compose.

What is it?

Docker-Compose is a tool to configure your application’s services and also execute Docker applications in lots of containers. You can create and start all your configuration services with only one command.

In this installation’s case, the main goal is to use the Horusec’s web application linked to your environment using Docker-Compose.


To configurate you will need the following tools in your environment:


There is a configuration file on Horusec with all the default option for you to only configure your environment, in a simple and easy way.

Follow the next steps to configure:

  1. Clone the repository;
git clone

  1. Enter the folder you have cloned
cd horusec
  1. Run the command make install in order to have all web applications.
make install

Access Horusec’s services

After you have done the previous steps, you can access the link to view the web application screens, showed by Horusec-Manager service at http://localhost:8043.

For test cases, Horusec gives you a default e-mail and a password to access the platform:

password: Devpass0*


Horusec’s images are available on dockerhub. You can check and use them.


Last modified May 20, 2021: Fix version 1.0.0 with new links (a868f86)