How to enable and disable the application admin?

In this section, you will find a tutorial to enable and/or disable the Horusec’s web application admin.

The Application Admin functionality is intended only for the Horusec Administrator to create companies.

False Value

The horusec-auth microservice starts with:

  • The environment variable HORUSEC_ENABLE_APPLICATION_ADMIN and the false value.

This way, there is a normal Horusec flow where you can create your company and manage it the way you want it.

True Value

When the value is true, the horusec-auth creates an user that that is configured in the environment:

 HORUSEC_APPLICATION_ADMIN_DATA="{\"username\": \"horusec-admin\", \"email\":\"\", \"password\":\"Devpass0*\"}"

This user has a specific role within Horusec, as the only person that will create the companies and inform who will be the administrator user, and it may be the user himself or another existing one on the platform.

Last modified March 22, 2021: Refactor v2.0.0 (#39) (1a12ef3)