How to enable and disable the application admin?

In this section, you will find a tutorial to enable and/or disable the Horusec’s web application admin.

The application admin functionality allows Horusec-Auth to create an admin user automatically, when it doesn’t exist. But if your application already have an admin user, Horusec-Auth deletes and recreates other with your data.

How to enable?

Step 1: Start the microservice Horusec-auth with:

  • Value true.

Step 2: Now, Horusec creates the admin user of the application with the default value. You will always see an user admin: the “application admin”.

Step 3: The user is created with the following data:

username = horusec-admin
email =
password = Devpass0*

How to configure the users data?

You can also configure the user data, check out the two scenarios:

Scenario 1: In Horusec-auth’s microsservice with the environment variable HORUSEC_APPLICATION_ADMIN_DATA and the value true, you will see the data through the enviroment variable HORUSEC_APPLICATION_ADMIN_DATA in the following format:

"{\"username\": \"horusec-admin\",\"email\":\"\",\"password\":\"Devpass0*\"}"

Scenario 2: In the Horusec-auth’s microsservice with the environment variable HORUSEC_ENABLE_APPLICATION_ADMIN with the value false the admin is disabled. In this scenario, the user is not created in the system when your application starts.

Last modified August 16, 2021: Updated documentation (#106) (dfea8f06)