How to enable and disable the messaging service?

In this section, you will find how to enable and/or disable Horusec’s messaging service.

Where is used?

This service inside Horusec has some functionalities used in an asynchronous mode, such as:

  • Sending email to confirm an account creation;
  • Sending email to reset a password;
  • Sending email to invite a user to your workspace;

What services use this functionality?

The services used to perform the queues consume are:

When you enable the messaging service, it is necessary to connect to your e-mail service. For that, add to “horusec-messages” the following environment variables:

  • HORUSEC_SMTP_USERNAME=“e-mail service username”;
  • HORUSEC_SMTP_PASSWORD=“e-mail password service”;
  • HORUSEC_SMTP_ADDRESS: “e-mail address service”;
  • HORUSEC_SMTP_HOST: “e-mail host service”;
  • HORUSEC_SMTP_PORT: “e-mail service port”.

And the services that receive actions when it is necessary in it respective queues are:

How to change?

When the microservices have the HORUSEC_DISABLED_EMAILS environment variable with a false value, Horusec is automatically enabled to send emails and other functionalities that use the messaging service.

By default, the microservices below already start with a false value:

If the HORUSEC_DISABLED_EMAILS microservice value is true, the messaging service will be disabled. To enable it, it’s only necessary to change the value to false.

Last modified August 24, 2021: Update links in documentation (c4fcc110)