In this section, you will find how to install Horusec web application in your environment using Operator.

What is it?

Horusec-operator performs management between Horusec web services and its Kubernetes cluster. It was created based on a community’s idea to have a simpler way to install the services in an environment using Kubernetes.


Check out the requirements in the Set up section.


Follow the next step:

Step 1. Install Horusec-Operator on your cluster, see the example below:

kubectl apply -k ""

Now, see if the resource was installed:

kubectl api-resources | grep horus

The output will be similar to this:

$ kubectl api-resources | grep horus                                                           
horusecplatforms                  horus             true         HorusecPlatform


You need to send the changes you want to Kubernetes. In this example, there is a YAML file, if you send an empty YAML like this below:

kind: HorusecPlatform
  name: horusecplatform-sample
spec: {}

It will have the default Horusec settings from the file defaults.json.

And now you have to apply your changes:

kubectl apply -f ""

Now, you can see all Horusec web services upload in your cluster, see the example below:

$ kubectl get pods
NAME                                                    READY   STATUS      RESTARTS   AGE
analytic-6f6bffb5d6-f8pl9                               1/1     Running     0          74s
api-5cc5b7545-km925                                     1/1     Running     0          73s
auth-8fbc876d9-62r6d                                    1/1     Running     0          73s
core-6bf7f9c9fc-fdv5c                                   1/1     Running     0          73s
horusecplatform-sample-analytic-migration-wwdzc-r9th2   0/1     Completed   0          74s
horusecplatform-sample-analytic-v1-2-v2-8zchl-445mz     0/1     Completed   2          74s
horusecplatform-sample-api-v1-2-v2-5lndp-w2rbd          0/1     Completed   3          74s
horusecplatform-sample-platform-migration-8g5ml-zmntl   0/1     Completed   0          74s
manager-c959f4f67-fz7r4                                 1/1     Running     0          74s
postgresql-postgresql-0                                 1/1     Running     0          7m54s
rabbitmq-0                                              1/1     Running     0          7m54s
vulnerability-7d789fd655-tpjp8                          1/1     Running     0          74s
webhook-7b5c45c859-cq4nf                                1/1     Running     0          73s